Smart Spin Storage System Containers As Seen On TV

Are you tired of looking for storage containers to put leftovers in or store food in? Sick of finally finding the right container and then not being able to find a lid that fits? Tired of having no cupboard space because they are full of different shapes and sizes of storage containers that don't stack together? You need the Smart Spin Storage System!

With the As Seen On TV Smart Spin system, you can organize ALL of your storage needs in less than 1 square foot! No more searching the kitchen for containers and lids. With the SmartSpin Storage System all of your storage needs are right at your fingertips.

About the SmartSpin Carousel / Organizer:

The Smart Spin storage containers come in three different sizes (8 oz, 16 oz, and 24 oz). The only difference in the different sizes is the height, which means that they all use the exact same size lid! No more hunting through drawers and cupboards searching for lids! All 24 containers stack neatly into the Smart Spin carousel and together, the whole Smart Spin organizer takes up about the same amount of space as a coffee maker.

The SmartSpin Storage System can be stored anywhere - even in your kitchen cabinets. This unique organizer slides forward, and the carousel rotates for easy access to all of your containers and lids. With the Smart Spin system, you will save space in your kitchen, and still have the ability to store an enormous amount of food! You can also use Smart Spin storage containers in the garage, rv, or anywhere space is limited!

This system normally comes with 12 Smart Spin storage containers and lids but through this internet offer we will double your order to 24 containers and lids, AND for a limited time when you buy Smart Spin, we will also send you the Handy Chef 6-in-1 kitchen utensil absolutely free!

Watch the Smart Spin As Seen On TV infomercial

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If you live in Canada you can get the Smart Spin Storage System from As Seen On TV Canada.